Data Services

Your most valuable asset “DATA” is kept fresh and effective using our multifarious data management techniques.

Success stories of all business organization reveal that freshness and accuracy of data is the major milestone on the way. We at Sanshi, helps you in keeping your data fresh and accurate in order to reduce COST of your customer acquisition and retention.

Any project undertaken by us is of extreme importance and your data confidentiality is equally so. We make sure that the quality of the data given back to you is enhanced multiple times to be of maximum use to you.

  • Data Capture/Entry
    • Returned Mail
  • Data Cleansing
  • Research
  • Digital Capture
Data Capture/Entry

Success stories of all business organization reveal that freshness and accuracy of data is the major milestone on the way.

We, at Sanshi, are ready to face the challenges for you as there are numerous when it comes to data capturing. The very nature of the complexity of human writing hand explains it all. While OCR are the solution or replacement as excellent tools when it comes to predefined information or options, check list boxes or barcodes, but they prove to be of no use for human handwriting.

We not only help you with different ways of data capturing at source be it OCR or scanners but also ensure the quality of the data by running them through different softwares for their validity and verifications as far as possible. We have one of the best scanners and softwares to do the task. Our service is also available for returned mails, vouchers coupons, survey forms etc.

Returned Mail : Sanshi can scan and upload images from your mailing returns in their respective region onto our secure network.

Case I : These images are then accessed from our data capture centre and the names, address and IDs from the return are captured into a central database. Data is then transferred to you for use as a suppression file or for future data quality analysis and enhancement.

We receive, count and log all returns into a central reporting system which are used later to create full MI report on the documents received and captured. This report is delivered weekly and is split by mailing and country for full transparency.

Case II : We also can produce the printed BREs and circulate reply envelopes to client’s different locations, who can keep them and fill the envelop with coupons, sign up cards, competition entries etc. over a working week before returning them to us via Royal Mail.

Upon receipt the envelopes are opened, sorted and logged onto a report for future tracking. From there we scan and capture the contents and provide a regular data feed and report to your central office marketing to kick-start welcome campaigns and subsequent CRM program.

Data Cleansing

Success stories of all business organization reveal that freshness and accuracy of data is the major milestone on the way. Not only that, it paves the path further for an ongoing journey up the ladder.

Our efforts are to keep your data up to date, valid, accurate to give a boost to your ongoing marketing campaign or promotions by providing following filters

  • PAF – Royal Mail Postal Address
  • File Reformatting – manual ‘tidying up’ of data
  • De-Duplication Services – at household or individual level
  • Data Matching – with other sources to suppress, enhance or verify your own data
  • Preference Service Suppression Files – MPS, TPS, FPS
  • BSF – Business Suppression File
  • Deceased Suppression Files such as Mortascreen, Obit and TBS
  • Gone Away Suppression Files such as GAS, Disconnect, Purity and Xpression
  • Movers – National Change of Address File, Reconnect
Your data could be any in any format. If they are from different sources, we can combine them as one.


With a team of dedicated research professionals at our disposal we are well placed to gather additional information to supplement an existing data list, verify information you have or build a new list from scratch.

We can also deploy teams of researchers to contact people or companies as part of a market research or report project.

All information is recorded in a database, provided back to you and is not shared with any other company. Calls can also be recorded for future auditing and review if needed.

Digital Capture
The world is shrinking with the invention of new methods of selling/ promoting products and doing businesses i.e ecommerce and digital marketing. One can see the products online and do the shopping around the world by sitting at home in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of paperwork for data capturing to hold competitions, surveys etc. Moreover, not only the costs are also reduced drastically but the quality of data has reached high levels of accuracy. And we promise to help you taking it even higher.
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