Knowledge Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We are backed up with our proficient partners to give you the best of the following in Knowledge Process Outsourcing vertical.

Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services

We have expertise in areas like Management, Mass Communication, Marketing – Brand Personality, Marketing – Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Research, Business Research and Marketing Communication.

Our multi-talented specialists are degree holders from premier institutes. They have rich industry experience at different levels.

We cover the following aspects in this service
  • Questionnaire design
  • Data collection (telephone, e-mail and web surveys)
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting

Education services – Online Certificate And Degree Courses

We provide, through our global partners, training and development solutions with recognized certification. In this age of globalization, SANSHI brings education to your desktop through a variety of online courses with their curricula and certifications recognized globally.

In partnership with certifying agencies as well as known universities, SANSHI has made education easily available to aspirants globally.

Through several marketing channels like telephone, web, e-mail, SMS blast etc., we provide the work force skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions for many in-demand occupations. SANSHI provides over 100 online certificate and degree program in IT, Contact Center management, Business, Retails industries.

Few courses that can be done through us
  • Business and Marketing Management (UK & US)
  • Contact Center Management (UK)
  • IT – Computer Science (UK)

CAD Services
  • Cast / Forged / Plastic / Sheet Metal Component Design
  • Concept Design and Styling
  • Parametric Design of Systems and Sub-Systems
  • Detailing, Drafting, conforming to standards such as ASME / ISO
  • Re-Engineering / Reverse Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing / Assembly
  • Legacy Data Migration and Conversion

Marketing Solution for LPOs

We are looking to play a role of becoming an extended marketing arm for LPOs. This will help LPOs in generating more revenues with lesser of risks involved.

Combined with our channel partner, Sanshi’s experience provides accurate and actionable experience that is customised to align precisely with your requirements and initiatives.
Call Centre Services
Call Centre Services
We follow a strategized methodology to outsourcing with a roadmap that helps us to assess, commit and execute effectively. Intensive quality control measures ensure excellence in execution. Our deep industry knowledge helps us understand our customers' business, their requirements and the control environments appropriate to the standards prevalent in their industry. Our Product Management team’s extensive experience in industry drives profitability of the organization through solution effectiveness, improved quality and productivity.

A comprehensive 5-stage process defines our outsourcing success. Depending on your needs we can take care of a part of your program or the entire program.

This process is designed to not just meet stated expectations, but also to reflect our commitment to add value for our customers. Our business approach goes beyond cost savings for your company. By understanding your business and through our relationship with you we add value not only in meeting your short term goals, but by helping you achieve your long term business goals.

Stage 1 - Situation Analysis
Situation analysis is all about providing solutions to smoothly managing and enhancing your business verticals. Customers often underestimate the extent and nature of work that can be outsourced.

We conduct an intensive as well as extensive study of the processes involved and give our input on the parts of your business which you could rest on our shoulders. An outsourcing strategy is devised that will fulfill immediate requirements, or if you choose can be carried even further to provide solutions to expand and increase your business. We carry out an impact analysis to aid in de risking the entire process.

Stage 2 - Pilot Project
We establish the concept even before you enter a formal arrangement, by conducting a pilot project. This involves explicitly defining parameters of quality, productivity, turn-around time, and cost efficiency.

Typically, a pilot program is carried out over a 30 day period, but this could vary depending on the service you are seeking.

Stage 3 - Transition Management
We have a defined process in place to ensure flawless performance during the critical phase of migrating customer processes to offshore locations. The challenges in this stage are different from actual execution. This is why we have a specialized team who would work with you and the execution team to make sure that standards and efficiency do not drop. Defining of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which commit to mutually agreed upon levels of quality and productivity, and schedules, the finalization of the contract, and the facilitation of customer visits, if required, are carried out during this stage.

Stage 4 - Program Management
At the execution level we supervise the program to ensure the smooth functioning of operations and the agreed upon parameters of quality, productivity, and turn -around time are met. Primarily, the objective of this stage is to consistently meet expectations. In case there is a failure to meet your expectations we have a process in place to address the problem and not only improve the situation, but also exceed your expectations.

At a higher level we can, if you choose, go beyond mere execution to provide value added inputs to ensure that your unstated goals are met. This is done through a thorough understanding of the program as well as your business.

Stage 5 - Customer Relationship Management
You and your Customer Relationship Management are as important to us as Program Management and would be so for the entire lifecycle of the program. With weekly telephone reviews, daily reports, a single point of contact, and state-of-the-art program management tool which allows tracking of a program on a regular/daily routine, we ensure that you not only have a smooth outsourcing experience, but never lose control over the entire process.

When a customer starts a business relationship with us, they are unaware of the futuristic value of what follows. Our endeavour is to create real value which will greatly affect not only your business and generate tangible benefits, but transcend into creating values for the society you live in.
Web Enabled

Benefits of Outsourcing your web enabled services to Sanshi,

  • Precision-fit Call Center Software for your business needs
  • Leverage the power of predictive diallers, CTI screen pops and IVR Technology
  • Versatile and easily-integrated software solutions
  • Create new business goals knowing you can handle the business