Live Transfer Leads

We offer Live Transfers to UK and US across industries. Backed by a team of experienced and focused team of sales executives and a robust CRM, we give an extra edge to your sales generation by providing proper filter at the initial communication point with the Consumer.

Sanshi through its vast experience in the field of tele-marketing and access to state-of-the-art technology has created a niche for itself in the highly successful model of Live Transfers. At first, using various methods like SMS marketing, e-mail marketing, voice broadcasting, SEO, potential customers are made aware of the product line.

Based on the informed decision made by the potential customer, leads are routed in form of inbound calls which land at our Call Center in India. Each agent whom we call a Specialist then attends to these calls and explains the process to the prospect and through tools created to judge the applicability, pre-screens the prospect.

After the pre-screening is done, prospect is put on to one of the advisors in UK or US on a 3-way conference mode.

Domains & Advantages

The domains/ industries we specialize in are Financial Services and Education Services. With a product line flexible and customized as per the need, we provide immediate solution to your sales lead generation requirements. There are many advantages a Client would have in opting for Live Transfers through Sanshi . Some of them are
  • The leads are EXCLUSIVE.
  • The leads are LIVE.
  • There is a 100% contact rate.
  • Due to the quality of procedures followed in generating these leads, our average agent generates an above average number of leads per day.
Custom-made Live Transfer CRM Solutions for Clients

The companies opting for our Live Transfer facility also benefit from our state-of-the-art and futuristic CRM solution developed to fit the demands of client-end usability.

The CRM is not only user-friendly but also gives an edge to our clients in terms of reporting tools, data privacy and monitoring activities.

To get a LIVE DEMO and speak to one of our reps, please e-mail to or call at 02081338857.

Case Study - Payment Protection Insurance Reclaims

We have made 10000+ Live Transfers to date wherein the clients have been able to get maximum retention and high volume of cases to work on.

PPI Reclaim has become one of the most saleable financial products in the UK market in the past year or so. With close to 4.5 billion pounds worth of refunds to be given to UK consumers, many companies have taken the processing of these claims seriously. Our Live Transfers cover the whole of England and Wales. The leads are fresh and verified by one of our agents who are specialists in the field.

Sanshi offers quality live transfers to CMCs (Claims Management Companies) who are MOJ registered and are looking for cooked up prospects pre-screened as per the criteria mentioned below and ready to speak with an advisor/ solicitor. The basic criterion followed is
  • Prospect Must have PPI on loans, credit cards, HP etc
  • Minimum loan amount must be £2500
  • Finance must have been taken within last 2-8 years
  • Prospect must not have already claimed
  • Prospect must have paper-work available
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What's New
June 26 2014.
50,000 + Live Transfers achieved for Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance and 5000 + Pension Claim.
June 1 2014.
Achieved over 3.5 million consumer surveys.