Internet Marketing (SEO)

Ever thought how people can find you on the internet?

Sanshi assists you in promoting your product on world wide web through
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay per click management
Search Engine Optimization

Objective is to place your site in TOP 10 Rankings in Google/Yahoo/Bing/AOL and other major search engines. The techniques used in the optimization process are unique and very well designed to meet the requirements for increased traffic.

The techniques which we use efficiently to ensure that we provide highest ranking in the top most search engines are

Use of Keywords-: Sanshi defines, finds and uses right kind of words or collection of words that brings the user to search engine and lands right into your website. More the amount of relevancy and importance of the content written higher your website ranks!

Links Generation-: How search engines judge the importance of the matter in your website? The answer is "linking". They tell the search engines how important your site is and depending on that, the search engines decide the height of ranking by judging the importance for them to display it at the top of the ranking result.

Content Writing-: Web content is always going to be the king of SEO. Unless the content is actually having those efficient keywords, its almost of no use. Copy writing is the activity of writing the content which includes the keywords in the most profitable manner.

Pay per click management

Pay Per click is another form of advertising through internet on various platforms like search engines. Also, known as Cost per click (CPC), Pay per click campaigns are the best form of publicizing via internet.

Through this approach every time the user clicks on your link the search engines are paid. The strategy goes as follows

  • Keyword research & selection

  • In this, the concept of business of the user is studied and a few keywords are analyzed and then, a particular combination is gathered, deleting the ones that have low return on investment. Once done with the rough compilation, the keywords are submitted with the search engines. This is known as paid listing or paid inclusion.

  • Ad copy and traffic analysis

  • After keyword selection comes the phase of creating an attractive ad copy that will increase the profitability of every click. Then, a deep traffic analysis is done in order to study the entrance and exit routes of users and hence, removing any abnormalities.

  • Bid management & ROI calculations

  • Followed by the traffic analysis is the bid management process, in which the bid rates are decided with the customer's consultation and then, comes the Return on Investment session in which the keywords that are bringing the maximum results are short listed.

  • Campaign Reporting and Tweaking

  • Campaign reporting is the process that will keep you well informed of the keywords returning the maximum results and thus, will guide you further to squeeze/tweak the collection of keywords and have final compilation of only the most efficient keywords.
IT Services
PC Solutions
Go4PC doc is an online PC support and service provider which is committed to its values and vision, which is to provide robust and agile IT solutions to people and organizations throughout the globe. Here, we ensure total customer satisfaction, through quality delivery, with the best state-of-the-art solutions. Our experts, who are a dedicated team of professionals, available 24x7x365 to deliver quality & take care of any of your PC related concerns/issues.
IT & Security
As we believe that our ‘business is developing yours’, we strive to help businesses with their process start-ups and their further development. We do this via critical planning and analysis. Whether you need to plan your business processes, analyze them or get your marketing in gear and rattle your competitors, SANSHI’s business software will be of invaluable assistance.

Our services range also extends to helping companies setup new sales channels in UK, North America and India, whether these are direct channels such as technology specific sales and telesales teams or indirect channel partners focused on your area of technology.

Some of our services include:
  • Providing online marketing and generating awareness and sales leads through web marketing, email, SMS blast, IVR blast etc.
  • Finding (and wherever necessary managing) new sales partners
  • Identifying call centers and developing sales channels for your technology
  • Writing and promoting technical white papers to drive sales opportunities
  • Assistance in marketing campaigns and metrics